Stop and Go. Public Seminar/ Workshop – Sofia


Public Seminar/ Workshop in Sofia, April 1st – April 4th, 2015

at Transformatori Lab

Its focus is on the routes, rhythms and emotions of transnational and urban mobility in Eastern Europe. The event includes presentations, a small thematic exhibition, and a mapping-practice related workshop. This interdisciplinary forum aims to bring together social science researchers, artists and curators.




Evening 1. Things Done: Wednesday, April 1st, 18:30 – 21:00

A series of presentations from past Bulgarian projects on similar topics, accompanied by a preliminary exhibition of objects from our Bulgarian partners. This session would sum up an overview of Bulgarian work in the field, inspire about the opportunities of cross-over between art intervention and social science research, and introduce the artist and academic guilds to each other

Velislava Petrova

Dimitrovgrad: Market/place and Mobilities Assist. professor in Theory and History of Culture, PhD Paris Descartes/University of Sofia 2010.

Diana Ivanova

The outsourcing of suffering: Women from Northwestern Bulgaria working as “badante” in Italy Journalist and writer, manager and curator of GOATMILK Festival of Memories (Bela Rechka).

Emilia Karaboeva

Networking Eurasia: Bulgarian international truck drivers and SO MAT during the Cold war PhD student in History of Technology, Eindhoven Technological University and Plovdiv University

Veselina Nikolaeva

On Story books Narrative Photographer + Exhibition in the space

Nikola Venkov

The Women’s Market: the unhappened public intervention PhD student in Urban Studies, Dept. of Sociology, University of Sofia + Installation in the space


Evening 2. Things Doing: Thursday, April 2nd, 18:30 – 21:00

We will present the Stop-and-Go project in more detail, our ideas and the fieldwork that we have completed so far. We will present related art projects from Central Europe, the ideas of our partners in Estonia and others. We hope to receive feedback and discuss directions for our work, and possibly, to inspire you to get involved with a project of your own.

Ulrich Ehrmann

Geographies of brands: The case of fashion brands in Bulgaria Professor of Human Geography, Dept. of Geography and Regional Science, University of Graz

Michael Hieslmair & Michael Zinganel

International references on mobility studies and mapping approaches/ discourses and The Stop and Go project: concept and fieldwork + Installations on a mobile platform Artists, Curators, Cultural Scientists and Architecture Theorists, The Vienna Academy of Fine Arts + Installation in the space

Mila Zlatanova

The Plovdiv Fair: A crosspoint of meetings and thought exchange Architect


Day 3. Things Possible: Saturday, April 4th, 11:00-13:30

A mapping workshop of ideas, of suggestions, locations, and topics of transnational mobility in Bulgaria and the region. We would like to discuss together ideas and chart out plans for work. Especially welcome are related themes that you are working on, and feel you can add to the overall frame.



Transformatori’s Lab, in the court of University of Architecture: