Our Publications

Theoretical Framework

First printed publications in academic journals etc.

in: Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, Volume 24, No. 2, 2015, S. 117–127.
in: Digital Migration. Konstruktionen – Strategien – Bewegungen, edition mono/monochrom, Wien 2016.
in: dérive – Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung, No. 63/ 2016.

Test Run: Mapping Nodes of Mobility and Migration

Presentation at the EASA-conference, University of Tallinn, Summer 2014.
We saw the conference as an opportunity to present the theoretical framework and methods developed in the course of our preceding art-based research projects, focusing on nodes of mobility and migration as well as the concept of our current project: comparing three nodes arranged in the triangle of Vienna (AT) – Rouse (BG) – Tallinn (EST).

Bulgarian International Truck Drivers: A Methodological Approach

A draft version of our research partner Emi Karaboeva’s interdisciplinary methodological approach for studying international truck drivers in Bulgaria, including traditional history, history of technology, anthropology, and sociology. The key notions here are transnationalism, liminality, trickster, and motility.

Research Trips

Stop and Go. Conference Vienna

December 3rd to 5th 2015: Stop and Go. Nodes of Transformation and Transition
Workshop, Exhibition and Bus Tour to the logistic landscape between Vienna and the Austrian-Hungarian border
Stop and Go Project Space
Nordwestbahnhof, Ladestrasse 1, A-1020 Vienna

Close-up: Bulgarian Section

Last part of the travelogue from our first research trip: Searching for the nodes of international truck drivers alongside the major corridors in Bulgaria

First Round Trip: Route to the South

We followed the E67 from Tallinn to Riga, bypassed Riga on E77 and E272 to Vilnius. Then we followed the E85 all the way down to Veliko Tarvono, which we considered to be one of the main Pan-European North South corridors.

Reports: Locations

ROAD*REGISTERS. Aufzeichnungen mobiler Lebenswelten – Ankündigung

Parallelausstellungen im x hibit Ausstellungsraum der Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien
und im Stop and Go Projektraum im Nordwestbahnhof
Eröffnung x hibit: Do, 29.09.2016, 19.00 h
Eröffnung Stop and Go Projektraum: Fr, 07.10.2016, 17.00 h
Busexkursion zum Grenzterminal Nickelsdorf: Sa, 08.10.2016, 11.00-18.00 h
Filmabende: Fr. 14.10. , Fr. 28.10., Fr. 11.11.2016